Alternative Dispute Resolution Training

Arbitrator Performance and Demeanor ~ Meeting Participant Expectations, 2018;

CCA 17th Annual Meeting, 2017; Advanced Training in Healthcare Mediation,

2017; AAA Exploring Critical Issues in Arbitration, 2016; ABA Section of Dispute

Resolution mid-year meeting, Effective Advocacy and Management in Arbitration,

2015; AAA Managing the Arbitration Process for Efficiency & Economy

Following the Preliminary Hearing, 2013; College of Commercial Arbitrators

Annual Meeting, 2016, 2015, 2014,2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009; New York State

Bar Association, Section on Dispute Resolution, Annual Updates, 2013, 2012;

NYSBA, Crisis in the Courts, 2011; AAA Maximizing Efficiency & Economy in

Arbitration: Challenges at the Preliminary Hearing, 2011; What Recent Discoveries

in Neuroscience Can Add to the Art of Negotiation and Practice of Mediation,

2011; AAA, Muscular Arbitration: Trimming the Fat Out of Arbitration, 2011; CT

Bar Institute, Inc. Let’s Get the Lead Out! Arbitrators, Outside Counsel, Clients and

Arbitration, 2010; AAA/ICDR Neutrals Conference: Electronic Discovery,

Chairing ICDR Panels, Managing the ICDR Guidelines, Update, 2009; AAA Ask

& Answer: Arbitration, 2008; ABA Section of Dispute Resolution Spring

Conference, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2003; ICDR The Common Law/Civil

Law Gap: The Issues and How International Arbitrators May Resolve Them, 2006;

AAA Dealing with Delay Tactics in Arbitration (ACE004), 2005; AAA Arbitrator

Roundtable on Discovery: Enough is Enough, or is it?, 2004; ICDR/AAA,

International Commercial Arbitration in Latin America, 2004; AAA Arbitrator

Roundtable: The Revised Commercial Arbitrator Code of Ethics, 2004; AAA

Neutrals Conference, 2003; AAA Arbitration Awards: Safeguarding, Deciding &

Writing Awards (ACE001), 2003; AAA Arbitrator Update, 2003, 2002; AAA

Commercial Arbitrator II Training: Advanced Case Management Issues, 2001;

AAA Basic Commercial Arbitrator Training, 1999; AAA Neutrals Retreat, 1998;

various other ADR and Mediation training.